We are delighted to announce our speakers for 2017!!!…

    Cathy Horein


Each day, God patiently shows Cathy Horein who He is, and that He desires to be a part of every aspect of our lives if we will only yield to Him with joy and expectancy. Cathy truly believes that the Kingdom of God can be found in all areas of our lives — even in the midst of today’s world, as messy as it may be. Our identity comes from our relationship with our Lord, not in our list of accomplishments, even for Him. God wants to hear our praises, no matter how feeble they may seem. God wants to be part of our lives, no matter how crazy they may seem. God is in control, so stop wrestling with Him.

After teaching and coaching for 26 years in the Midwest, she and her husband Don moved to Watkins Glen, NY, where she began working as an office assistant for CFO in 2001. Now Cathy is blessed by her job as the Administrative Director for ACFO and by the amazing CFOers she is privileged to serve each day. Her hobbies include judging women’s gymnastics, leading worship at her church, singing baritone in a women’s A Capella chorus, being outdoors gardening, boating or hiking in the warm months, and stitching in the cool ones. Don and Cathy have 5 adult children, and 6 growing and ever so huggable grandchildren.

    Dave Piatt

Dave Piatt

Dave is married to Jenni Piatt, rostered leader and Financial Director of ACFO. Dave has led speaking and singing in several CFO events. He also works side-by-side with Jenni as a team, offering music and talks. Dave also currently serves as Zone 4 Delegate and Chair of Finger Lakes CFO. He has been involved in CFO now for 15 years, having attended his first event in 2001 to receive “family approval” in order to marry Jenni. Dave is an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church, now serving two churches in New York’s Southern Tier. He holds a Doctor of Ministry in pastoral ministry, and has served the UMC since 1997.