Examine Your Heart

Some thoughts from Cathy Dunlap, one of our wonderful speakers for camp next week… The heart is an involuntary muscle. It beats approximately 80 times per minute which is 4800 times per hour or as many as 3,363840,000 times in an 80 year life span. The heart is our lifeline physically, spiritually and emotionally. It can be full, it can be empty, full of joy or experiencing deep sadness. The heart is the where the Spirit of God is said to live inside each person who calls upon the name of the Lord. Each one of us will find ourselves in a different place as we approach this week of camp. Take some time before arriving to examine your heart, leaving behind anything that will hinder God from doing amazing things in you while you bask in His presence. Open your heart to the peace and love that can only come from a loving heavenly Daddy and be ready to receive. I challenge you to come to camp a little bit vulnerable and full of expectation. God is good and can hardly wait to meet you this week!