About Us

Singing Hills CFO is a family-oriented, non-denominational Christian camp ideal for all ages and abilities. A member of the larger “Camps Farthest Out” organization, we offer a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-led program through which people of all ages can encounter God in a meaningful way, apart from everyday routines. Through a combination of group activities, quiet time, prayer, and recreation time, campers gain a fresh perspective on their relationship with God and return home energized and inspired. If you are hungering for an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Christ, meet Spirit-filled Christians and their families, and sow fertile ground to deepen your prayer life, this is the place for you!


The Camps Farthest Out are dedicated to the purpose of discovering the wholeness of the abundant life which Christ promised. (CFO Founder, Glenn Clark)

We are believers from many different places with the same goal of growing stronger in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing Christ’s love with each other. CFO is not a church and is not meant to replace the role of the church. All campers are urged to faithfulness in the church of their choice. The CFO experience simply expands and intensifies the effectiveness of one’s own church activity.



A typical day at camp includes:

  • Morning Meditation: To commune with God and meditate on his Word.
  • Singing: Worship God through everything from traditional hymns to contemporary songs.
  • Speakers: Invited speakers share their faith journeys and the truths that God has taught them.
  • Devotion in Motion: Pray and worship God with the whole body by combining music, motion, and play in uninhibited worship.
  • Creatives: Enter the kindergarten of creativity and discover many opportunities for spiritual expression.
  • Horizontal Hour: Quiet time to relax and reflect.
  • Free Time/Recreation: Swim, hike, water trampoline, frisbee golf, volleyball, and many more opportunities!
  • Prayer Groups: Experiment with a variety of prayer styles in small groups, to lift up personal and communal requests to God.
  • Afterglow Fellowship: Enjoy snacks, informal fellowship, and special night activities for youth/young at heart.
  • Children and Youth programs: While much of the CFO program is designed to be inter-generational (all ages participating together), children and youth leaders are present to facilitate age-based programs during designated parts of each day.